Chemical Peels

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Skin Care Doctor and Professional Chemical Peels near Logan, Utah 

Our professional chemical peels are just one of the many cosmetic services we offer that can help you get your glow back. People who benefit most from chemical peels are those looking to treat things such as:  
  • Aging spots 
  • Sun-damaged skin 
  • Treating mild to moderate acne 
  • Improving the appearance of scars 
  • Wrinkle reducer 
  • Exfoliation 
As part of our cosmetic dermatology services, we offer mild and medium depth  chemical peels, depending on what you would like treated. Whether you are looking to exfoliate your skin, reduce wrinkles or need a chemical peel for acne, our dermatologist will work with you to choose the right chemical facial peel. We also offer non-chemical alternatives for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.   

Chemical Peel for Acne and Scars

Chemical peels aren’t just for wrinkles! Our light chemical peels can help treat blackheads and other mild to moderate acne. By removing the damaged skin, it reduces clogged pores that can turn into acne, allowing the skin to breathe. If it is too late for preventative care, our deep skin peels are one of the best ways to get rid of acne scars. They will take off the dead skin around the scar, significantly reducing the depth of each scar. Because they go deeper, the process does usually require an anesthetic. Recovery time takes around 2 weeks to fully heal. While we offer different types of chemical peels, we also offer hydroderm facials if you are looking for a wrinkle treatment that does not involve chemicals. A member of our dermatology team will discuss the best options with you and get you on the path to having skin that is improving in tone, color, softness and look.  

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