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What is PRP Therapy for Hair Loss?

Hair thinning is a significant concern for many individuals, whether it's caused by age, genetics, hormones, medical conditions, or from styling products or practices. With recent advances in research within the hair restoration industry, new procedures have been created to help combat the problem. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an innovative nonsurgical remedy for men and women that is showing remarkable results in slowing down, stopping, and even reversing baldness. Dr. Travis James of Providence Dermatology combines PRP therapy with HairMax laser devices. He is one of only a few hair restoration surgeons to provide this innovative therapy in Providence, UT. By mixing a powerful solution of hair growth factors and bioactive proteins, Dr. James can help strengthen the function of your hair, resulting in longer, thicker, healthier locks.

How Does PRP for Hair Loss Work?

A minimally invasive procedure, PRP therapy is a short one-hour in-office visit. The session begins with drawing a little bit of your blood and placing it in a special machine, which circulates it at high speed to separate the platelets from the other blood elements. Next, the platelet-rich plasma is introduced into regions of your scalp that are bald or thinning. Then, microneedling can be performed on the scalp to cause micro-trauma and micro-channels to the epidermis, which triggers the PRP and permits it to penetrate deep into the skin. Our protocol for nonsurgical management of baldness contains an initial treatment, with follow-up treatments once-a-month for three months, and maintenance therapies about every four to six months. Dr. James may combine PRP therapy with the use of other prescription medications, neutraceuticals, or even a HairMax laser device. This laser phototherapy device can reduce inflammation, stimulate blood circulation, and reduce oxidative stress, promoting new hair growth.

I have been to the majority of the dermatologists in the valley and many of the PAs. Dr James is the first doctor to actually change my quality of life with his expertise and care.

L.S. Google

Really welcoming and amazing treatments provided!!

M.D. Google

5 stars is literally not enough! I can not express my gratitude to Dr. Travis James and his staff! I have been seeing Dr. James, since June of 2023. He has always provided me and my family with the highest level of care and dedication. I have always felt seen and heard about my concerns and questions. He always takes the time to talk me through all of the available options and costs to help meet my needs. He is dedicated to finding solutions and helping me heal. His office staff are very compassionate and caring. They make us feel like family! His staff is flexible with scheduling and so kind if you ever need to change an appointment. His office is convenient and comfortable, while professional and equipped with a variety of treatments. Dr James is a hidden gem on the south end of the valley. BEST DR. EVER!

J.B. Google

Dr. Travis James is the most kind, caring, passionate, dedicated, and helpful doctor I have ever been too. He genuinely cares about the people and loves what he does. He has worked tirelessly to help me and my mom with our rosacea. Dr. Travis James is incredibly knowledgeable and always provides options to help meet our needs. His staff is incredible and so kind. I look forward to going to their office for my appointments because of the great atmosphere and dedication to helping us heal and be better. :)

M.B. Google

I strongly recommend Providence Dermatology for any skincare needs. The office staff is very competent and always friendly. Doctor James is an awesome guy and an even better doctor. My family and I have gone here for a few years now, and they just keep getting better!. Keep up the great work!

A.H. Google


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Stimulate Hair Growth

PRP treatment combined with the HairMax laser device is an excellent option for individuals struggling to decide between hair loss solutions. At Providence Dermatology, we strive to offer innovative solutions to treat thinning hair. To learn more about PRP treatment sessions, we'd like to invite you to call our Providence, UT facility now.

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Do the PRP injections hurt?

Before your injections, we will use a local anesthetic to numb the scalp to keep you comfortable for the PRP injections. Typically, most patients don't report experiencing pain or discomfort.

Is PRP therapy for hair loss effective?

PRP hair loss therapy outcomes are unique for each person and depend on genetics, severity of hair loss, response to the treatment, and other factors. You must remember to have realistic expectations and patience. It takes time for the stimulation of new hair growth and for it to become visible. Many studies have reported effective results, with one study finding visible improvements after six months of PRP therapy, with more than 40% of participants achieving at least a moderate level of improvement.

How much does PRP therapy for hair loss typically cost?

PRP therapy for hair loss costs will depend on your level of hair loss and the number of treatments necessary to reach your goals. When you have your consultation at Providence Dermatology, we will examine your hair and listen to what you want to achieve with your PRP treatments. Then Dr. James will create a treatment plan and be able to estimate your treatment costs.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.