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What is a Mole?

Dr. Travis James of Providence Dermatology provides routine mole checks for patients throughout the Greater Providence, UT area. Most individuals have a mole of some kind on their body somewhere. A mole is a growth on top of the skin that is caused by a cluster of pigmented cells. During mole evaluations, we examine, measure, and record the dimensions, shape, and development of moles on your body to make certain they're safe and not cancerous or changing. They can be black, brown, or a variation of colors and can appear alone or in groups. Moles can likewise be flat or appear as a round bump. Although many are harmless, some may turn into cancer. If you have moles on your body and feel uncertain about their severity, or if one becomes bothersome, then it's important to inform a professional — especially when one starts to change in size or shape, or starts to itch or bleed.

What are Treatment Options for Moles?

Usually, moles don't warrant treatment unless they become cancerous, or suspicious, or when they cause irritation, discomfort, or cosmetic problems. In these situations, Dr. James may recommend the removal of the mole(s). For surgical excision, the area around the mole will be locally numbed, and a scalpel or similar tool will be used to remove the mole and a bit of the surrounding skin. The wound is then closed with sutures. At times, when the mole is at surface level, a surgical shave can be utilized where the region is locally numbed and a small blade is used to cut around and beneath the mole. Stitches aren't required for surgical shaves. The specimen is then sent off for pathology for diagnosis of benign vs cancerous.

Dr. James was great! He was so knowledgeable and honest during my appointment. I was happy with the professionalism and the results!

K.P. Google

We love Dr James! I’ve gone to Dr James for several things, for me and my kids. The staff has always been polite and Dr James has been respectful, knowledgeable, and thorough. He did so well with my 4 year old with doing an unpleasant procedure. We’ve loved our experience at providence dermatology! 10 out of 10 recommend!!!

H.B. Google

Always appreciate good care and stay willing to answer all your questions!

A.J. Google

Dr. Travis James is the most wonderful doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what is happening, why, and how to treat the issue. I appreciated his calm demeanor and reassurance in treatment options . He took what was a very stressful situation and helped me process what was going on. Can’t recommend him enough.

R.F. Google

Love this place! The staff was very kind and helpful; their office uses great technology making it easy to sign all the release forms. Dr. James is wonderful and made me feel at ease during my appointment. I will absolutely be back!

T.F. Google


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Whether you find a mole that is unattractive or bothersome, or unusual in appearance (which may be a sign of melanoma), it's time to call Providence Dermatology to explore your treatment options. Our Providence, UT office specializes in handling a wide variety of moles and lesions, from harmless to cancerous ones. If you have an at-risk mole, Dr. James will select the correct approach for your treatment. We're committed to providing you with the degree of treatment that you need and deserve.

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