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What is Psoriasis?

Dr. Travis James of Providence Dermatology in Providence, UT assists men and women with the treatment and continuing management of psoriasis. This persistent skin condition occurs when your skin cells grow too quickly. Psoriasis causes flaky, red, light-colored patches of skin that may be inflamed, itchy, scaly, and can scab. Normal skin cells cycle and slough off about every four weeks (once a month). For those with psoriasis, cells turnover about every 5 days but are slower to slough off leading to the scaling and plaques seen in psoriasis. They can range in diameter and location on your body, forming on the elbows, knees, hands, head, and lower back.

There are many different forms of psoriasis. One kind called plaque psoriasis is the most commonly experienced. While most cases of psoriasis are believed to be moderate, a few are difficult to cure and may require several therapies throughout a patient's life. It's also important to note that psoriasis isn't contagious and can't be spread from person to person. Once diagnosed, it is merely a matter of managing the symptoms so that flare-ups can be decreased.

What are the Treatment Options for Psoriasis?

Although there's no cure for psoriasis, you'll find an assortment of treatments available to manage the condition based on the severity and variety of psoriasis you are experiencing. Mild cases can be treated with prescription lotions, creams, and ointments. If your head is affected, shampoos, sprays, and oils may be used. Systemic medications are prescription medications that are taken orally or injected and work throughout the body. They are typically used for patients with moderate to severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Dr. James has received extensive training and is very comfortable in the use and monitoring of these medications and speaks at a national level regarding these medications.

Dr. James was great! He was so knowledgeable and honest during my appointment. I was happy with the professionalism and the results!

K.P. Google

We love Dr James! I’ve gone to Dr James for several things, for me and my kids. The staff has always been polite and Dr James has been respectful, knowledgeable, and thorough. He did so well with my 4 year old with doing an unpleasant procedure. We’ve loved our experience at providence dermatology! 10 out of 10 recommend!!!

H.B. Google

Always appreciate good care and stay willing to answer all your questions!

A.J. Google

Dr. Travis James is the most wonderful doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what is happening, why, and how to treat the issue. I appreciated his calm demeanor and reassurance in treatment options . He took what was a very stressful situation and helped me process what was going on. Can’t recommend him enough.

R.F. Google

Love this place! The staff was very kind and helpful; their office uses great technology making it easy to sign all the release forms. Dr. James is wonderful and made me feel at ease during my appointment. I will absolutely be back!

T.F. Google


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We Can Help Manage Your Psoriasis

Psoriasis may be embarrassing and uncomfortable, making it hard for you to complete simple tasks in your daily life. If that is the case, we encourage you to call Providence Dermatology whenever you get a chance. At a consultation with Dr. James, your condition can be assessed and a treatment plan personalized to make your symptoms tolerable and your quality of life even better.

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