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Melanoma Skin Cancer Screening Check near Logan, Utah

Of all of the different kinds of skin cancer, melanoma can be the most serious if not caught early. As dangerous as it is, early skin cancer that is caught and taken care of has upwards of about 99% survival rates. Because melanoma most often develops in sun-exposed areas of the skin, wearing sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun adds another layer of protection. However, melanoma spots can appear anywhere, from the mouth to the feet. That is why it is also a good idea to schedule annual skin cancer checks with a trained skin cancer specialist. Our dermatology specialists will conduct a thorough full body screening to catch any precancerous skin spots.  
Not sure if you have a potentially cancerous atypical mole? If you notice that your skin has moles that match any on the list below, it may be time to schedule a skin check up. 
  • Growing mole 
  • Jagged-edged or irregular-shaped moles 
  • Moles that have uneven coloring 
  • A large amount of moles 
  • Large moles (usually bigger than a pencil eraser)  
If you have noticed any of these symptoms- like a fast growing mole- call us right away at (435) 554-1182 to set up a skin cancer check appointment.  

Dermatology Center for Melanoma Skin Cancer Surgery

Dermatology Center for Melanoma Skin Cancer Surgery in Brigham City Utah
Dermatology Center for Melanoma Skin Cancer Surgery in Brigham City Utah
 Our board-certified dermatologists are highly experienced in skin cancer removal surgery. Dr. Maughan is one of a select few dermatologists in the Valley that is fellowship trained in Mohs surgery, a technique that involves cutting away one layer of the mole at a time, preserving the healthy skin around it. This type of surgery has high success rates and has been proven to work on some types of melanoma skin cancer. If caught early enough, this procedure would have a high chance of taking out the cancer completely, with minimal down time. If caught later, a treatment plan of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy may need to be followed. When it comes down to it, the best treatment is prevention and early detection- that is why we recommend getting annual skin cancer checks for you and your loved ones.  
Those who are particularly at risk for melanoma and other skin cancers include (but are not limited to) individuals with fair skin, those with a genetic history of melanoma in their family, past sun exposure or a history with having melanoma before, and those with many moles on the body. Our staff here at Providence Dermatology is eager to help in every way we can! Our goal is to make your visit to our dermatology clinic office comfortable with you feeling confident about your recovery. Feel like you have a non-melanoma mole? We have other mole treatment services for those as well.  Call us at (435) 554-1182 to set an appointment.

From a Client

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Maughan. He is a well-trained, knowledgeable provider and is also caring and great to work with. Dr. Maughan is a skilled surgeon and has treated members of my family for skin cancer. He was honest in offering all available options for treatment and able to deliver highly satisfactory outcomes.
-Natalie P.  

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Don’t let skin cancer get the better of you  - our highly specialized dermatologists can help you get back to a cancer-free life! Call us at (435) 554-1182 to set an appointment today.
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