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Our dermatologists are highly qualified skin cancer specialists. Both Dr. Maughan and Dr. James have worked with all different types of skin cancer, from basal cell carcinoma skin cancer to invasive squamous cell carcinoma, as well as Melanoma. Extensively trained in skin cancer prevention, checks and surgery, our surgeons treat the following different skin cancers at our dermatology center.

Types of Skin Cancer

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
Prevention and removal of  this type of skin cancer is important.  BCC skin cancer grows slowly, and while some forms like superficial BCC aren’t as dangerous, if not treated early it can spread to other tissues beneath the basal skin layer. 
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)
Like BCC skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma also appears on sun-exposed areas of the skin, and needs to be removed or treated before they spread. If you have noticed  scabs or a sore that won’t heal, this may be an early sign. Forms of Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) treatment include electrodessication and curretage, excision and Mohs surgery.
Melanoma skin cancer can be found on your face, nose, arms, legs, or any other body part. Melanoma surgery usually involves excision, which means essentially cutting out the cancer before it can spread. 
A skin cancer treatment with very high success rates, Mohs surgery is one of the best treatments for melanoma and other non-melanoma skin cancers. Mohs surgeons can be hard to find due to the excessive training needed, so we are proud to have our fellowship trained Dr. Maughan, a highly-qualified Mohs surgeon experienced in the Mohs technique, on our team! 
Our physicians will conduct a skin cancer screening to determine if you have melanoma,  basal or squamous cell carcinoma, or other types of skin cancer. If you are in doubt at all as to whether you have an atypical mole, sore or skin bumps, please call today so that we can help you get the care you need as early as possible.  

Melanoma, Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Treatment

Our comprehensive approach involves three steps: 
1. Evaluation of the tumor or atypical mole. All dermatologists are trained as skin specialists. After your skin cancer screening, we are in a unique position to determine which skin moles we need to worry about as well as the best treatment options for you given the location, type, and subtype of your tumor. Skin cancer can often be treated by more conservative treatment strategies after review of the tumor itself. 

2. Evaluation of the patient. Before we choose the answers, we ask the questions. We put the particulars of your skin cancer into the context of your overall goals. How will your other medical conditions influence the healing process? Does your family history play a role (for instance, have members of your family had melanoma skin cancer?) Are you healthy enough to undergo a major surgery with reconstruction? These are some of the questions that we will consider when discussing treatment options with you. 

3. Evaluation of your options. Although aggressive types of skin cancer surgery, like Mohs surgery, can be considered for many tumors, they often are not aligned with the patient’s care goals. We work with you to ensure that our recommendations respect your wishes. 

Once we have evaluated the tumor, the patient and his/her care goals we can proceed with treatment. Throughout this step you will be in the hands of an expertly trained, board-certified dermatologist and the entire Providence Dermatology team. From treating moles to basal cell carcinoma removal and treatment, you can put your confidence in our highly-trained team. 

From a Client

I highly recommend Dr. James. He is very professional and does a great job. He followed up to see how I was doing and explained everything to my understanding. I will definitely be back.”  
-Traci P. 

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